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Oh, look! Pushi's Decompile Schoolhouse is released! :D



granny in baldi?! 

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remove the jumpscare on next uptade (is creppy and scary jumpscare)

There's no jumpscare in v4!

Просьба Android Version

They always say "why's there a jumpscare" but they don't show the jumpscare

Really cool but, the jumpscare is really creepy!

Yes, is it.

why is there a jumpscare?

I have idea for levels:Cafeteria,Class,Principal office(With principals(if you touch his you die)).

I think it’s awesome but it’s scary 

Hello granny?

Creepy Jumpscare? or something?


ok this is epic

and i mean epic

how did you make this?


using standard assets for the player and scripts from unity threads and stuff


i really like and support this artwork . try to be like the last few years in my life, there will be more people to enjoy this.